GAVILANES Associates



   Julio Gavilanes is an Architect-Project Manager with 20+ years of 
   experience in the high-end residential
industry as well as in commercial and
   hospitality interiors.
His residential work spans from new construction of town houses,
   country residences and celebrity
homes to high profile apartment
   renovations. He has worked on projects in the
New York Tri-State area,
on the West Coast and abroad.
As a Project Manager and Project Designer, Julio Gavilanes has directed
   architectural projects from
schematic design to construction documents,
   including perspective rendering, presentation and working
drawings, client
   interaction and construction phase management.

Every project Julio Gavilanes devotes his time to bears the mark of his
   passion for exceptional
standards of design and great building quality.


  Julio Gavilanes

  Julio Gavilanes has worked on many prestigious projects throughout his career. Some of them include:

    200 CENTRAL PARK SOUTH, New York, NY, Design Dev. & Bid Set 
    PERLSON GROSS, New York, NY, Design & Const. Doc.

    BARON RESIDENCE, 720 PARK AVENUE, NY, Design & Const. Doc.                                           

    GROSSMAN RESIDENCE, New York, NY, Design & Const. Doc. 
    GRUBMAN RESIDENCE, 12 East 81st Street, NY, Town House Renovation                             
    FORSTMAN LITTLE, 767 Fifth Avenue, NY, Design & Const. Doc   
    162 EAST 70th STREET, New York, NY, Design & Const. Doc, 2009 RESTORATION AWARD,

    655 PARK AVENUE, New York, NY, Design Development   

    ST. BARTHELEMY, Residence & Outbuildings, Design Development                  

    VIRGINIA BEACH RESIDENCE, Virginia Beach, VA, Design Development         

    GIANNULLI RESIDENCE, Santa Monica, CA, Design & Const. Doc.                 

    CRAWFORD GERBER, Malibu, CA, Design & Const. Doc

    LA MESA POOL, Santa Monica, CA, Design & Const. Doc.                                                                 

    KING RESIDENCE, Beverly Hills, CA, Design & Const. Doc.                                                         

    HOGAN TRUST, Hollywood, CA, Design & Const. Doc.                      

    GROOS RESIDENCE, South Hampton’s, NY, Design & Const. Doc.

    LERNER RESIDENCE, Cleveland, Ohio, Design Development.

    ROUND ISLAND, INDOOR POOL, Greenwich, CT, Design Development, Construction Documents              

    JAMES RESIDENCE, MAIN HOUSE, Greenwich, CT, Design Development, Construction Documents
    CATTON RESIDENCE, 2044 East 3rd Street, Brooklyn, NY, Interior Design
    STEINBERG RESIDENCE, 100 Kenilworth Road, Rye, NY, Interior Design      

    CATTAN RESIDENCE, Brooklyn, NY, Interior Design                

    BARRY RESIDENCE, 21 Sheep Hill Dr. Gladstone, NJ, Interior Design              

    MERKIN RESIDENCE, Mountain Lakes, NJ, Interior Design          

    KARASZ RESIDENCE, New York, NY, Townhouse Interior Design

    DISNEY CRUISE LINES, Orlando, FL, MAGIC & WONDER SHIPS, Specification and Details                  
    DISNEY HOTEL, Orlando, FL, GRAND FLORIDIAN, Specification and Details 
    OAKMONT CORP, Los Angeles, CA, 17TH FLOOR, Construction Documents
    HELMSLEY BUILDING, 230 Park Avenue, NY, Leona Helmsley’s Offices Remodeling, Construction documents 
    CUSHMAN WAKEFIELD, 299 Broadway, NY, Office Remodeling, Rental Space Planning 

   COMMERCIAL OFFICES                   
    ONE PENN PLAZA, 1 Penn Plaza, NY, Office Remodeling
    SOCIETE GENERAL, New York, NY, Office Remodeling

    TIFFANY & CO. STORE, New York, NY, Tiffany Room Remodeling       

    TIFFANY OFFICES, New York, NY, Office Remodeling        

    FORD PLANTATION CHERRY HILL COTTAGE, Richmond Hill, GA, Design & Const. Doc.
    FORD PLANTATION PUMP STATION, Richmond Hill, GA, Design & Const. Doc